"We feel that it's important and in our DNA to always serve something greater than ourselves."

As a Paratropoer in the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and transitioning out of the military, Chris Cruise always saw an opportunity to help others.

"We want to help veterans find their new purpose as they transition out of the military, making American Flags for other patriots and veterans."

There's a unique metaphor of re-purposing bourbon barrels. Veterans once served a great purpose serving their country and bourbon barrels once served a great purpose holding bourbon and we want to help veterans find their new purpose when they transition our of the military making american flags for other patriots and veterans. 

Our Team

Chris Cruise

Amber Cruise

Brandon Elder

What once started as a Christmas present is now so much more. Here at Cruise Customs Flags, we create handcrafted American Flags from repurposed bourbon barrels staves. Each of our flags is uniquely made in America from the hands of a Veteran. We’re thrilled to have our flags displayed in homes all across America & love that we can add a piece of Kentucky in each home, no matter the state.

We’re honored that you have discovered Cruise Customs Flags. As you peruse our site, we hope that you can find a flag that can be proudly displayed in your own home or office. God bless America!